Friday, 20 December 2013

Well! The (working) year is over for me as I did my last demonstration on Tuesday 17th so now I can get on with the physical demands of Christmas!
I don't want to ramble on as I am sure you all have far better things to do than to read all about me! I would, however, like to share something with you - just to give you something to think about over the Christmas break.
It's a poem I wrote a few years ago. I know I was inspired by 'them upstairs' and I hope it will touch each and every one of you because, I am sure, if we looked deep into our hearts, we would all have the same thoughts.
Wishing you all and very happy Christmas and I hope the New Year will bring you all the joys your hearts can hold xx

I made a wish for Christmas and I’m hoping someone heard
the thoughts I have inside me, for I never spoke a word.
Instead, I opened up my heart and let the feelings through,
in hope that they’d touch him, and her, and them, and me, and you.
I wished for love throughout our World, and peace of heart and mind;
that no one would know loneliness or suffer deeds unkind;
that every man would have a friend and have no need to fight ;
that every one would have a meal and warm bed for the night ;
that no man sat in judgement of another person’s choices;
that all were open-minded and allowed each others voices
to speak of hopes and of beliefs, to shed a little light
on their own thoughts, without the need to prove that they were right.
I made a wish for Christmas and I’m hoping someone saw
the vision deep inside me, and what I am praying for.
I pray that every child knows love and that that love is pure
and that the Heavens up above will finally find a cure
for all the madness in our World with which we cannot cope;
that negative despondency can be replaced with hope,
so everyone within our World can live in harmony
accepting one another in the way it’s meant to be.
I made a wish for Christmas and I hope it touched your hearts,
because, to make my wish come true, here is where it starts,
with you and me and him and her, for I know, come what may,
if we all wish together, then, I know we’ll find a way
to right the wrongs within our World, to let the Light shine through.
I made a wish for Christmas and I pray that wish comes true.

Marlene 9-12-04

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