Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sunny Scotland!

Well! I'm just back from a wonderful time working for Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church up in Scotland. What a lovely church it is! If any of you have the chance to go or to work there, please take the opportunity as you'll be pleasantly surprised by the welcome you receive. It's one of the loveliest churches I've ever had the privilege to serve!
Saturday's trance workshop was well-received by my willing students and it was refreshing to see them encouraging each other and embracing every task I set them with such enthusiasm!
Sunday morning I gave four private sittings then had the Divine Service in the evening which I thoroughly enjoyed as the energy in the church was electric!
On Monday I gave four more private sittings then gave a demonstration in the evening. Again the atmosphere and the love generated by the congregation was amazing!
I can't wait to be back there in August when I shall be tutoring with Darren Brittain for their annual seminar.
If any of you are interested in joining us for the seminar, please check out the information on my 'Where to see Marlene' page on the website.
Thank you Jim and Jeanie Garven for inviting me to work at your wonderful Church and thank you everyone who came along to support me!