Thursday, 7 May 2015

What a busy year!!

I can't believe its over a year since my last blog and what a busy year it's been!
I do have a good excuse, though, as a gas leak under the floor in our living room created an enormous amount of upheaval for us as new gas and water pipes had to be laid throughout the house. This meant all the ground floor ceilings had to come down and all the walls had to be 'chased into' to create space for the new pipes. The resulting drilling, hammering, sawing etc made it impossible for me to give any private sittings, let alone write my blogs as I can only do those from the desk top in the study. Last time I attempted to enter a blog from my ipad I was locked out of my account! I've learned my lesson now!
A year on and we're still not finished, although we do have all the ceilings up, but the kitchen suffered as several cupboards had to be removed and it's still not back together yet!
Ah well, there's no rush and no one has starved!
Now - let's get back to my work.

Last year has come and gone so, rather than go over last year, I will keep you updated on what has happened so far this year!

In February I tutored again for The Healing Light's annual seminar alongside local medium Michael Kingscote, author of Beyond Faith: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death. We had a fabulous weekend and virtually everyone who attended has already signed up for next year's seminar which promises to be amazing as we have popular medium Darren Brittain: joining us again. We're also privileged to have another tutor, Jackie Wright: who is another extremely gifted medium and tutor. Jackie teaches at the much acclaimed and respected Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Mountfitchett in Essex and is also a regular tutor at de Zwanenhof in the Netherlands. Both Jackie and Darren are international mediums and very popular with their students.  It will be my privilege to work alongside them.
If you are interested in joining us full details can be found on or by ringing Cherry O'Sullivan on 01273 422892.

In March, I was fortunate to travel to Melbourne, Australia as part of Tony Stockwell's tutoring team at The Country Place, Kalorama, Australia
The Country Place is situated in the Dandenong Mountains and the views are breathtaking (the wild cockatoos work very well as an alarm clock too!). I simply cannot fault the accommodation, food or the staff. This is one of Tony's many annual seminars and details of this and other events can be found on

My feet barely touched the floor whilst in Australia! For a few days I stayed with well-known Melbourne medium Chris Sheppard and her husband John. I was joined there by Helen DaVita and Lynn Probert, both fellow tutors on Tony's seminar. We were very lucky to visit a kangaroo rescue centre which is not normally open to the public. It was a wonderful experience as I had never expected to get so close to them! After a few days with Chris and John I travelled to Shepparton where I ran a workshop for Shepparton Spiritualist Church and was lucky to be taken into the bush by the organisers to go koala spotting! Unfortunately, our visit coincided with a fishing tournament so, although I saw a few koalas they had disappeared way up in the trees to get away from the hundreds of people attending!
I also had the honour of working at The Victorian Spiritualists Union in Ringwood East, Victoria.
I have to say I was touched by the warmth with which the Aussies greeted me! They are such kind and friendly people and I can't wait to return as I feel I made a lot of friends whilst there!

In April, I visited de Zwanenhof in Holland to teach Trance Healing on one of Jackie Wright's weeks.
Once a monastery, it is such a beautiful place to work. It is set in the countryside and I particularly loved the Chapel. Courses are run regularly so, if you fancy an educational trip overseas, do check their website for further details:

I have just returned from Open Week at The Arthur Findlay College.
Whether you are a working medium or completely new to it, I would recommend a visit to Open Week which is run during the first week in May every year.
Once you have purchased your ticket (for however many days you choose), you are free to attend a wealth of tutorials, demonstrations, lectures and debates. Masterclasses are also available but must be booked in advance as these usually sell out very quickly. Details of all courses are available on

Tomorrow (8th May) I will be demonstrating at The Healing Light in Shoreham and next Friday I am off to Scotland to work at The Soul Sanctuary in Paisley where I will be running two workshops and also giving a demonstration. Details for this are available via my website.

Well! I think that's covered everything so far this year. Of course, I have also carried out a number of other demonstrations and divine services but I will be here until next year if I list them all.
One future demonstration I would like to mention, though, is a charity evening for the Blind Veterans Association and, again, full details are on my website. I do hope we will raise lots of money for this worthwhile cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will do my best to ensure I don't take a year to post again!
My very best wishes to you and yours x