Sunday, 11 August 2013

It's been good to have an actual rest after the past four years of non-stop work! In fact, I'm feeling decidedly lazy but not for long because I shall soon be back in Switzerland with Eamonn Downey.
I've also been trying to help fund-raise for my little great nephew, 2 year old Oliver, who was born nearly 12 weeks early and was, this year, diagnosed with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Oliver is just like any other 2 year old, full of fun and a real chatterbox, his only problem is that he can't walk so my nephew and his wife are trying to raise the £60,000 needed to fund an operation which will enable him to walk. His big sister, Millie, is so excited to think her little brother will be able to ride his bike alongside hers and run and play with her.
If any of you would like to donate please click on the link, or copy and paste into your browser.

In September I shall be visiting the London Spiritual Mission for the first time to run a trance workshop for them. I am travelling there with Darren Brittain who will be giving a demonstration the same evening - If you've not seen Darren demonstrate his mediumship before this is an evening not to be missed. He truly is one of the most amazing mediums you will ever see. Of course, those of you who HAVE seen his work won't need to be told as you will already know.
The London Spiritual Mission is based in Notting Hill : 13 Pembridge Place, London W2 4XB
Telephone: 020 7229 2024 for details of the workshop or demonstration. 

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