Sunday, 31 July 2011

Charity Dem at Eastbourne with Darren Brittain

We had a wonderful evening at The Eastbourne Centre. The evidence flowed and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves, sharing laughter and tears (of joy!) as we worked our socks off! Half way through the evening the raffle was held, together with an auction for a night at the Eastbourne Centre (such a lovely hotel I was tempted to bid for it myself!) Dave Woolgar, the auctioneer coaxed and cajoled the bidders, finally raising the sum of £160 for the night. The overall sum raised by the demonstration, raffle and auction was £760! Many thanks to Robin and Sue Hodson of Seafordspirit for organising the evening and, of course, thanks to you, the audience - without you we couldn't have achieved our aim to help a friend in need!

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